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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
Akta-users [no description available]
Amo [no description available]
Applopt Applied Optics
Applsens Applied Sensor Science
Avian AVIAN Behavioural Genomics and Physiology Group
Biochemistry Biochemistry
Bioinfo Bioinformatics
Bioinfo-JC IFM Bioinformatics Journal Club
Biology Biology
Biology-researchlabs [no description available]
Biology-tech Biology Technical Staff
Biomol [no description available]
Biorgel Biomolecular and organic electronics
BIOSENSORS Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Biotech Biotechnology
Chemistry Chemistry
Chemistry-nalle Nalle's research group
Chemistry-research [no description available]
Chemphys Chemical Physics
Cheops Chemical and optical sensor systems
Chicken-hatchery Hatchery Users
COE-All COE - All
Comade Complex Materials and Devices
Compchem Computational Chemistry
Compphys Computational Physics
Cotxs [no description available]
Cotxs-all [no description available]
Devphys-Users Device Physics LAB users
Elstruct Electronic Structure Group
Emmg Electron Microscopy of Materials Group
Espresso Espresso
Fstf Fundamental Science of Thin Films
FuncEl Functional Electronic Materials group list
FunMat FunMat information list
Funmat-II-parties FunMat-II Parties information list
Funmat-II_all FunMat-II general information list
FunMat-Partners FunMat Partners information
Graphene [no description available]
Gtu-group Examiners in Physics GTU (Y,D,I,IT,M,MED,U,FyN,MSN)
IFM-AC [no description available]
IFM-Admin IFM Administrators
IFM-All Everybody employee at IFM (automatically generated)
IFM-Diploma Everybody diploma worker at IFM (automatically generated)
IFM-External Announcement list for external non-IFM people
IFM-KOM IFM communication (webb, press-release, TV, etc)
IFM-ledningsradet IFM Ledningsråd
IFM-party List for IFM-party committee (201X)
IFM-PhD-supervisors PhD supervisors information
IFM-PhDs PhD students discussions
IFM-Professors IFM Professors
IFM-pub For people arranging the "IFM pub"
IFM-Staff IFM Computer System Administrators
IFM-Studrek IFM Studierektorer
IFM-Tech IFM Technical Support Staff
IFM-webbgrupp [no description available]
IFM-Webmasters IFM Webmasters
Info-amp People at Wöhler
Info-badminton [no description available]
Info-Biacore Information for Biacore users
Info-catpro [no description available]
Info-EDUSYS Information regarding EDU systems (studentdatorsalar etc)
Info-Floorball General floorball
Info-Labview Information list for Labview users
Info-Linux Linux administrators discussion list
Info-Matlab Matlab information
Info-miljoombud [no description available]
Info-nanoc [no description available]
Info-Origin Origin users discussion list
Info-TEM Information for all TEM users at LiU
Info-XRD Information about XRD
Journalclub [no description available]
Lab-fleming For all who work in the Fleming lab
Lab-rubber Rubber lab users
Lika-villkor Lika villkors-gruppen vid IFM
Masters Masters students
Matesurf Materials Surface
Matnat [no description available]
Meastech Measurement Technology
Molbiotech Molecular Biotechnology
Molphys Molecular Physics
Molphys-igen IGEN (Integrative Regenerative Medicine Centre at LiU)
Multifilms [no description available]
Nanoeng Nanoscale Engineering
Nanomate Nanomaterials research group
Nanoparticles [no description available]
Oorgchem [no description available]
Orgchem Organic Chemistry
Orgel [no description available]
PhD-firandegrupp [no description available]
PhD-Ref [no description available]
Physics Information list for people at the Physics groups
Planted [no description available]
Plasma [no description available]
Plasmaphysics Swedish Physical Society - Plasma Physics Division
Protchem [no description available]
SAS [no description available]
Scidid Naturvetenskapernas Didaktik (SciDid)
Scientium-Former Forum Scientium - Former members
Scientium-Others Forum Scientium - Non members
Scientium-SC Forum Scientium Student Council
Scientium-Students Forum Scientium - Students
Semicond Semiconductor Materials
SemiFunc-PhDs Semiconductor Materials and Functional Electronic Materials - PhD student's list
Semiphys Surface & Semiconductor Physics
Sicgroup [no description available]
Surfnano [no description available]
Surfphys Surface Physics
Tech-miljo [no description available]
Teknisk-avd Technical Division -employees
Test-simona [no description available]
Theobio Theobio vetenskapsomr�det
Theophys Theoretical Physics
Thinfilm Thinfilm Physics research group

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